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· One min read

Hello everyone, because i'm busy with school i'm hiring some copywriters.

Your job?

you will write tutorials on our docs

What do you get for it?

You will get Zenet Plus plan


Very good English grammar. You don't need to be from English speaking country but if you write "in docs we show how password change docs yes" you probably know what will happen You need to write at least 1 topic per month

If you are interested, join our discord and create ticket

· One min read

Fast and lightweight solution to host your Wordpress, PHP, Nodejs, Python and static sites.

Our hosting is using Cloudpanel to manage servers. Our panel comes with ssh and ftp access out of the box. Want to try it? just create a ticket on our Discord server.

Docs for web hosting will be available soon. Here are some screenshots:

· One min read

Because we want to grow and make more things at the same time, we need developers.

Why you should be Zenet Developer?

  • You will get a chance to contribute to cool Zenet projects
  • You will be granted access to the test server once we develop trust to you
  • You will get premium support and server

What you need to know to be Zenet Developer

  • Good knowledge of JavaScript
  • Good knowledge of express.js
  • Decent knowledge of discord.js

What about the money?

We will be able to pay you when we make money. Currently we aren't making any money, but when we start making money, we will start paying out!